About Our Company

Freeman Companies is a strategic collaboration of professionals. We are individually strong, and collectively stronger. Our value is the sum of our professional experience, relationships and expertise. We design solutions to the challenges posed by the environment that we exist in. We know how to take a project from the proverbial Point A to Point B. We understand that the preferred route is often a straight line, but when a straight line isn’t possible, we will navigate the best alternative course to arrive at the endpoint. Freeman Companies was founded on the principles of exceptional service. While there are a lot of firms that make this same claim, in our words, it translates to saying what you mean, doing what you say, and loving what you do. Through this approach, Freeman Companies will elevate your expectations.

Services Overview

Providing Integrated Services

Freeman Companies provides a diverse range of services in the areas of civil engineering, land surveying and environmental sciences.

Featured Markets

Areas of Expertise

One of the qualities that differentiates Freeman Companies from other firms in our weight class is the depth and diversity of our experience. We have a strong resume of projects, ranging in size, scope and complexity, in a broad range of market sectors.